What we do

We listen.

And we ask questions. We meet you where you are.

Through surveys; large group events; and small group conversations, we learn from you and your fellow Tasmanians what governments must hear and act upon in this critical decade. [please fill in the Voices for Tasmania Survey if you haven’t already!]

The aim is to bring the combined voices of Tasmanians together and represent them in government. Prior to the 2025 elections we will publish our findings from the Voices of Tasmanians including the key recommendations arising and priorities for change.

Voices community events may include politics in the pub nights; Q&A panels; World Cafes & Town Halls; film screenings and more. Plus if you volunteer, you can get trained in how to run such events, how to manage teams and production.

We also empower volunteers to support the efforts of the Community Independents movement. This can be by joining one of our Reference Groups who develop ideas into initiatives ready to be picked up by representatives of any persuasion.

Go to the Get Involved page to join our growing movement across Tasmania.