Improving our democracy

Two proven ways to regenerate 'the voice of the people' By Stephen Williams Central to the Voices movement is the belief that voters should have more say in how we are governed compared with the present. This is usually called ‘participatory democracy’ or ‘direct democracy’. Voting at elections, depending on the precise rules, is often compromised because wealth and power can give some candidates and parties an unfair advantage. Then, post-election, the common experience of being sidelined by our elected representatives and their political parties is hardly ideal. Creating petitions is good in theory but is [...]

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A government job guarantee

Why a government job guarantee? By Stephen Williams Introduction A government job guarantee (JG) is a scheme where a national government offers a job up to fulltime hours at the minimum wage to anyone of working age. It would therefore eliminate involuntary unemployment and underemployment, the latter being where people have some work but want more. The Job Guarantee idea emerged independently from the late US economist Hyman Minsky and Australian economist William Mitchell, a co-founder of modern monetary theory (MMT). The purpose of the JG (along with adequate pensions for non-workers) is to eliminate poverty [...]

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Frequently Asked Question: “Are you those ‘Teals’?”

Voices groups are often challenged with questions like: “Aren’t you just a political party by another name?” and “Teals aren’t real independents, they’re either Liberals or Greens in disguise.” As a Voices group, we are not a party, nor will we run candidates. The name “Teals” is a tag-name coined by the mass media (mostly Murdoch press) and often used in a negative way to belittle this major political movement. Some people think of "Teals" positively. But it underestimates the powerful differences these Community Independents are championing. So let’s unpack what a Voices group is about, [...]

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Wanted: Voices of Tasmania

We want 5000 Tasmanian viewpoints. Yours. Why? Because democracy is a verb; it’s a doing word. And we’re asking YOU to do something. We are asking and offering Tasmanians to have a real say in how this state grows and develops. What do you most want and not want? What needs to change and be changed by our government? By adding your voice, and actively engaging like-minded others to do the same, your participation in the democratic process can bring about massive change. It happened in Victoria last year when Kooyong residents replaced Liberal Treasurer Josh [...]

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10 EMPTY SEATS = the big opportunity to re-shape Tasmania

The next Tasmanian state election is going to be BIG. Big for Community Independents with the game-changing wave across mainland Australia at the last Federal election. Big for Tasmanian politics because there are suddenly 10 vacant seats – that means there are no incumbents defending them! There will be 10 fresh faces in the next Tasmanian parliament – who do you want there? What calibre of leader do you want to step forward and engage with the real and pressing priorities Tasmanians are facing? THIS is your chance to get active and help put high quality [...]

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The Dawn of Direct Democracy: Embracing the Power of Citizen Voices in Tasmania

Direct democracy is a political system where citizens have the power to make decisions on policy matters directly, rather than through elected representatives. While some may argue that direct democracy can lead to a chaotic decision-making process, its potential benefits cannot be overlooked. In this blog post, we'll explore how embracing direct democracy in Tasmania can foster greater civic engagement, increased political transparency, and a more responsive government. Greater Civic Engagement One of the most profound benefits of direct democracy is its potential to engage citizens more actively in the political process. In Tasmania, this can [...]

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