A new Tasmanian political movement Voices of Tasmania (VoT) is looking for independent community-focused candidates to step into the void of a fracturing parliament. The statewide group is gaining a growing presence and activity in each of the State’s five electorates.

“Tasmanians are saying they want stronger and wiser politics,” said Michael Roberts, “They don’t want the secrecy culture, bullying or political point scoring games being played. People tell us are fed up with politics as usual – they want effective representatives, not nodding heads toeing party lines.”

This week the Voices movement is launching a public campaign to call for more Tasmanians to independently represent their communities in the five electorates.

“Voters are upset with so many failures of governance by the major parties. Think Commission of Inquiry; stadium secrecy and defections; weak political donations laws and backflips; the health crisis; multiple racing scandals and the bullying of the Attorney General. It’s time for a stronger parliament for all Tasmanians.”

Recent YouGov polling showed that support for the Liberals has plummeted from 48% to 31%; Labor lost ground rather than gaining it, dropping from 28 to 27%. The Greens support grew from 12% to 16%; but the standout increase was that 24% to 36% of voters will be choosing minor parties and independents.

“There is recognised demand in Tasmania for high quality independent candidates,” said Mr Roberts. “And with 35 seats in the next parliament there will be a lot of new faces. People across Tasmania are communicating a huge appetite for change, so we need more people to step up.”

VoT has identified eight key attributes that genuine Community Independent candidates usually possess – such as being ethical and values-driven; being a critical thinker; and being a potent communicator. The attributes sought and the application process is available on the VoT website at: voicesoftasmania.org/candidate/.

“We encourage anyone who’s interested to be in touch confidentially and we can step them through the decision-making process. And as our advertisements say – ‘you or someone you know’ – so please tap someone you know on the shoulder if you think they’d be a great community-minded independent member of the next Tasmanian parliament.”

“We are in contact with several really strong prospective independents who aren’t yet ready to nominate publicly; but if they decide to, they’ll catch a lot of interest from undecided voters,” “And we’re delighted that candidates such as Kristie Johnston, Craig Garland and Clare Glade-Wright are running in the Lower House; plus Charlie Burton and Pam Sharpe running as community-minded independents in the upcoming Upper House election in early May. But Tasmania needs more truly
independent and community-focused candidates.” said Mr Roberts.

“We’re a pro-democracy group, not a party. Our Charter clearly states our values and our purpose. We can offer support to those candidates who share our values and are genuine about representing their local communities. Our job is to inspire and encourage local leaders to step up. Our confidential process enables them to think it through without anyone knowing they are preparing to run. We know it’s a very big, personal decision.”

“We look forward to hearing from new potential candidates who are considering running independently.”