Democracy is a verb.

Who are we?

We are a community of locals who are positive about a brighter future through honest, independent politics. We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, young, old and in between. We are a talented, hard working and caring community who want to create a better future. Together, we are discovering and seeking to represent the shared goals and common values of the people of Tasmania.

Voices of Tasmania is a non-partisan, not-for-profit association of Tasmanians who are passionate about better democracy – positive, transparent and firmly rooted in community. We listen to community perspectives then seek out Independent candidates who’ll amplify them at Local, State and Federal levels, restoring balance and integrity to politics.

Our network spans all five Tasmanian electorates with a steering committee and sub-groups developing right now.

We operate under a Charter, a Code of Conduct and a set of values.

This is about us. It’s about us as Tasmanians.

It’s about you, me and everyone else who lives here on our islands. It’s about political accountability, health, housing, education and our local economies. It’s about our natural environment, biodiversity and dangerous climate change. And it’s about making life here very good for all of us, beyond the privileged few.

We are creating a Tasmanian groundswell of support behind a new, community-led model of political representation based on consultation and transparency. Together, we are finding and focusing on the shared goals and common values of Tasmanians. We are an incorporated not-for-profit association with a growing network across Tasmania. Community representation with integrity is the point of government. We need more of it — now.

Many people are too busy to follow politics, or believe that it’s not important, or don’t understand how it works. The “Voices” movement has emerged across Australia because every so often there comes a time when we absolutely need to step up into the conversation and take part, and that time has come.

By coming together and speaking up now, we are seeking to encourage the emergence of local Community Independent candidates in each electorate at the next State and Federal elections.

Candidates who will vote in the best interests of the Bass, Braddon, Clark, Franklin and Lyons communities, ushering in a brighter future for Tasmania founded on honest, caring politics and good governance.

Convenor: Michael Roberts.

Committee: Steve Saunders, John Harris, Karen Dedenczuk, Duncan Mills, Angela Offord, Yon Kikkert, Malcolm Ryan

How It Works

We’ve developed a three stage approach for communities to set the agenda and secure a positive outcome in the 2025 State and Federal elections.

1. Collect – Our surveys and community conversations allow Tasmanians to voice the issues that matter to them. The results will be collated, analysed and sent to all elected State and Federal Representatives and candidates by early 2024. Each electorate’s key issues will be identified as well as how well voters feel represented by their current representatives.

2. Connect – We support community-driven search and selection processes to unearth awesome independent candidates. We’ll enable local communities to choose outstanding candidates and representatives who will commit to the key issues their electorate have voiced and prioritised.

3. Campaign – At the next State and Federal elections we will be pushing for all the candidates to uphold and deliver on the priority issues each region has identified. All community independent candidates will run and fund their own campaigns; our job is to engage with, educate and activate the public about the most important initiatives Tasmania needs.

Where we’re at

Right now we’re in Stage One: Collect. We’re pursuing a goal to hear from 1000 Tasmanians in each of the five electorates. With 5000 responses, this data will be used to discover what Tasmanians truly want from their political representatives.

In early 2024, Voices For Tasmania will publicly report on the findings and lobby all candidates and current members of parliament to heed the voices of their fellow Tasmanians.

Add your voice to the chorus by taking our five minute survey.

Michael Roberts

“Voices of Tasmania stands for greater participation in democracy, not parties or policies. The parties are losing support and people want better alternatives, better candidates, more local voices in government.”

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