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With voices as strong as the Roaring 40s and as clear as Cockle Creek, local communities are reclaiming political power right across Tassie.

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Our goal is to hear from 1,000 Tasmanians in each of the five electorates.

With 5,000 responses, it’ll be clear what Tasmanians truly want from their political representatives.

In early 2024, we’ll publicly report on the findings and lobby all candidates and current members of parliament to heed the voices of their fellow Tasmanians. Then in 2025, it’s community-led elections all the way.

So… what do you want for Tasmanians to live better lives here? What do you care about? What are you concerned about? What ideas and hopes do you have for Tasmania? Please take the survey and let us know. And share it!

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Our promise to you.

We will:

  • De-identify your input so it’s confidential; and we will never share your details without gaining your permission
  • Report on all the input; including the top issues for our community and what people would like to see improve
  • Provide the report to all your elected representatives, and community independent candidates in the State and Federal 2025 elections
  • Use the findings to plan and prioritise the events we run; to generate policies and initiatives through working groups; and to speak up on your behalf in Tasmanian public life