With voices as strong as the Roaring 40s and as clear as Cockle Creek, local communities want to reclaim political power right across Tassie.

voices collected
Here’s what you told us!
  1. Tasmanians do not feel well represented (97% of 756 respondents)
  2. The top 3 issues statewide are Climate Change, Health and Cost of Living
  3. Tasmanians want to be part of the solution.
  4. People want government with integrity and transparency

Our analysis team was impressed and somewhat overwhelmed by the quantity and clarity of both 1) the reasons given for the problems we face – largely relating to party politics failing to address real issues effectively – and 2) the ideas offered to address these pressing problems.

Read the report for yourself; find your electorate’s one page summary. Share it with friend ands family. Ask candidates what their views are on the top issues in their electorate. Share the images on your social media** and make a comment about it. Perhaps something like: Tasmanians want better! OR Party politics is failing Tasmania OR Tasmanians want to be heard. OR Tasmanians want to be part of the solution.

Whatever the case – thanks for your participation in Tasmanian democracy.

** And always remember to add #politas to any social media post so the journos and politicians notice it.



The survey analysts found themselves unable to do justice to the overwhelming input written by respondents. For transparency and in gratitude to all respondent voices, VoT has de-identified all open text responses and makes them publicly available via the link below. These are simply formatted and reproduced in raw form, as written. They are not analysed as per the published Voices of Tasmanians report.


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