The two-party system has long dominated the political landscape in many countries, including Australia. However, the rise of independent candidates in Tasmania’s Parliament has the potential to transform the way politics is conducted in the state. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of breaking up the two-party system by adding independent candidates to both the lower and upper houses in Tasmania, fostering a more diverse and representative government.

  1. Diverse Representation and Perspectives

One of the most significant benefits of adding independent candidates to Tasmania’s Parliament is the introduction of diverse representation and perspectives. Independent candidates are not beholden to any political party, which allows them to bring a fresh and unique viewpoint to policy discussions. This can lead to more creative and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Tasmania, as well as a more inclusive political environment that better represents the diverse interests and needs of the population.

  1. Reducing Partisan Gridlock

The two-party system can often lead to partisan gridlock, with opposing parties locked in a stalemate that stifles progress on key issues. Independent candidates can act as a bridge between the two major parties, helping to facilitate compromise and collaboration. By working across party lines, independents can help to break through the gridlock and encourage a more functional and effective Parliament in Tasmania.

  1. Holding the Major Parties Accountable

The presence of independent candidates in the Tasmanian Parliament can also help to hold the major parties accountable for their actions. Independent representatives are not tied to the interests of any political party, which enables them to scrutinize and critique the policies and decisions of the major parties more objectively. This can result in a higher level of transparency and accountability within Tasmania’s government, ultimately leading to better outcomes for the citizens of the state.

  1. Empowering the Voters

The rise of independent candidates in the Tasmanian Parliament can empower voters by providing them with more choice at the ballot box. When voters are not limited to choosing between the two major parties, they have the opportunity to elect candidates who truly represent their values and interests. This can lead to a more engaged and informed electorate, as well as a greater sense of trust and satisfaction in the political process.


The addition of independent candidates to both the lower and upper houses of Tasmania’s Parliament has the potential to significantly disrupt the traditional two-party system, offering a range of benefits for the state’s political landscape. By fostering diverse representation, reducing partisan gridlock, holding major parties accountable, and empowering voters, independent candidates can contribute to a more dynamic, inclusive, and effective government in Tasmania. As the political landscape evolves, embracing the potential of independent candidates is crucial for ensuring a more representative and responsive democracy.