This Saturday 23 March ’24

This election is Tasmania’s most important State election yet. Never before have voters had such a compelling opportunity to elect outside of the two major party block. We hope to encourage you to consider voting for a person, not a party.

Independents can represent their communities on every issue; they are not beholden to party lines, party ideology, corporate lobbyists or secret donors. And because independents listen to their constituents, you have a much higher chance of your issues being worked on when you vote Independent.

Our friends at the TEC have made this simple explainer for you.

Source: Tasmanian Electoral Commission


Voting for Community Independents will create a diverse parliament. It is up to all the elected representatives to make parliament work or not. The previous state Liberal government self-destructed through an unwillingness to cooperate with anyone that didn’t tow their line.

This is exactly the opposite of the cooperative and collaborative parliament that most prominent independents in the 2024 election are calling for: good government for the public good. In a diverse parliament members will be encouraged to work together and find reasonable agreements between representatives and parties to accomplish the best outcome for their electorate and for Tasmania.


Independents can get private members bills onto the agenda and passed if they are worthwhile enough to get 51% support across the parliament.

In Federal Parliament one member, Helen Haines was able to get a National Anti-corruption Commission passed by both houses in 2023. That’s a BIG deal. In Tasmania Mike Gaffney MLC had dying with dignity laws passed while Meg Webb, Ruth Forrest and others have had important amendments passed. Independents, representing locals, can and do make significant changes already. We need more of them.

Even if your independent doesn’t get a law or amendment passed; they have fought for it when the parties may not have and this does place the issue on the public record.

Not at all.

According to an EMRS poll taken in February, 36% of voters will not support either major party. Independents had 14% support, followed by the Greens (12%), the Jacqui Lambie Network (9%) and other (1%).

This equates to about 2.4 seats. Preferences can push that up toward 3 and really give the parties a wake up call. Parties will only listen and change if people power mobilizes and tells them to shape up and address the many serious issues Tasmania is facing. Voting independent is a vote for change to a better, more diverse and representative government.

Source: ABC News

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Vocal Independents

Voices of Tasmania supports the following Independent candidates. They subscribe to our Charter, which stands for urgent action on climate change, an overhaul of integrity and transparency laws, deep respect for diversity and more.

Jack is an active child protection campaigner, working with community to advocate for reform of the child safety system, and implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry. He’s also passionate about transparency in government, reforming donation laws, and delivering improved housing and rental rights. Jack is standing for election as an Independent in Bass, because he believes in fostering direct democracy, and bridging the gap between Parliament and Community.

Jack’s Website

Community & Social Welfare Advocate. Waratah Wynyard Councillor (since 2018). Single mum, former union delegate and a workplace champion for the LGBTQI+ community in her current role Mental Health Burnie (Tasmanian Health Service).
Describes herself as “Strong on Whistleblower Protection, blue collar, fair & fiercely Independent.”

An independent representative is able to put the interests of their community first. Members of a party are beholden to their political party, and the major parties are captured by corporate donors. To help heal a sick democracy, I am asking you to Vote 1 for an Independent who is truly free to stand up for the community’s interest in Parliament.

Craig’s Facebook Page

Stefan Vogel
Stefan is a senior environmental scientist, glaciologist, carpenter, small business owner, innovator and parent with a background in psychology, counselling and law.
Sustainability – combining strong economic growth with environmental stewardship
Key platform messages:
  • improving health – dental and mental health services including prevention and accessibility for everyone without long wait times
  • housing affordability – balancing renter and landlord rights for more stable long-term low-cost housing and enabling homeownership and owner builders including energy efficiency measures and low income support
  • high quality free education – following the European model
  • public transport and road infrastructure including light rail and ferry services
  • as well as environmental protection without stifling our economy

Tasmanian born & bred, Angela holds Degree in Psychology, Aboriginal Studies & Sociology, with Masters qualifications in International/public Health. Additional qualifications include Aboriginal Heritage Management & Postgraduate Research.

Angela has worked across mainland Australia & internationally in the NGO sector & as former senior public servant, advising Prime Ministers, Premiers & Cabinet members.

Angela’s plans to provide greater transparency of politics, increase GP bulk-billing, building housing to eradicate homelessness, electrifying a reliable public transport system & providing household access to solar power & water & household water catchment options.

Increasing child & vulnerable peoples safety is a priority, including strengthening WWVP eligibility. A woman who is outcomes-focussed.

Growing up on a farm, being a labourer,  public servant and a registered nurse; along with a deep interest in economics, have given me a broad insight into how our society operates. My concerns are those of most Tasmanians – the cost of living, health care and how we can all live well – but the Liberal/Labor duopoly is mostly failing us. Worst of all, governments are not doing nearly enough about climate change. This election please vote independent to shift the balance of power.

Tamar Cordover is a long-time community representative to government, advocating on issues of sustainability, diversity, inclusion, justice, and the environment.
Tamar is an active member of community Marine Working Groups and Access Advisory Councils, a Mentor for the Prejudice Related Crime Working Group and Hobart Respects All 2.0 and a Masters of Research Candidate in issues of Disability and Justice. Tamar is also a woman with disability and experiences of intersectional challenges including housing stress, disability, domestic violence & discrimination. Tamar is now a business owner and regenerative agriculture micro-enterprise farmer, shortlisted as one of three Tasmanian finalists for the 2024 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award for platforms of inclusion in Agriculture.

Tamar’s website

Angela is a true community independent. A veterinarian who is seeking to improve the lives of Tasmanians through public health, education, housing reforms and initiatives, improved infrastructure and access to public transport, to upholding the best standards for animal health and welfare, to taking action on climate change and implementing measures to protect the environment.

Angela’s website

A born & bred country girl, Loueen is action-oriented & results-focussed. A strong negotiator with a proven track record of honesty, commitment, transparency, and delivering results for community. Lou is currently Mayor of Central Highlands Council. Lou gets the jobs done.

Loueen’s Facebook Page

Other Independents

There are a range of progressive independent candidates. Here are those who are have approved to be listed on this site.

I grew up in Hobart, I live in New Town, and I work in Moonah.
I’m a true independent who will put our city first. I will stand up for the people of Clark, unlike the major parties that have failed us repeatedly.
I want a healthier, well-educated Tasmania that leads the nation with our policies on cost-of-living measures, housing, public transport, climate change, and honest government.

I’ve been listening to people across Franklin – at kitchen tables, shopping centres, sports grounds and events.

They want community interests to be taken seriously at a State level. That’s exactly what I’ll do, standing up on these issues and seeking government action where necessary.

I am standing for State Parliament as a community-minded independent as I am passionate about bringing a collaborative approach to politics. I won’t have to answer to a party boss, and will only be answerable to my electorate.

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